Our best selling fresh range includes wontons, popular dim sum, and our fresh, vegan Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai rice noodles

Our wontons and dim sum are handmade with the highest quality, authentic ingredients and are available in retail and wholesale pack sizes.

 We manufacture fresh, authentic rice noodles daily which are vegan society certified. These come in retail and catering pack sizes and can be used or Chinese Ho Fun stir fries, Pad Thai and Vietnamese Pho soups.

The Range - Fresh Rice Noodles Retail Catering
Pad Thai Rice Noodles (v) 400g1kg
Vietnamese Rice Noodles (v) (f) 400g 1kg
Chinese Rice Noodles (v) (f) 400g 1kg
Cheong Fun Rice Rolls (v) (f) 400g -


The Range - Fresh Rice Noodles Retail Catering
Fish Ball (f) 200g
Fish Ball with Seamoss 200g
Cuttlefish Ball 200g
Fish Ball with Vegetable 200g
Fried Fish Ball (f) 200g
Chilli Ball (f) 200g
Fried Squid Ball 200g
Fish Roll (f) 200g400g
Fried Meat & Veg Ball 200g
Prawn Ball (f) 200g
Beef Ball (f) 200g
Beef Tendon Ball (f) 200g
Meat Ball (f) 200g
Pepper Meat Ball 200g
Tom Yum Ball 200g
Pepper Beef Ball 200g
Chicken Ball with Coriander 200g
Pork Fuzhou Fish Ball 200g400g
Fried Silver Fish Ball 200g


(v) – suitable for vegans

(f)  – available frozen